How to prepare Ledger

A Ledger contains a classified summary of a business transactions pertaining to given period.

Posting is the process of transferring the entries from the books of original entries to the ledger.

Separate accounts are opened in it.    Debit side is greater than credit side than in this case credit side will be written as balance c/d. credit side is greater than debit side than in this case Debit side will be written as balance c/d. Balance b/d is used to close account.

Format of Ledger

Date Particulars jF Dr Amount Cr AMOUNT Date Particulars JF DR Amount  Cr AMOUNT

NOTE-   When journal entries are written, The  next step is to transfer the journal                                      entries information from journal to ledger. This process is called posting.


Ques.1   Prepare the ledger without journal entries 

Purchased goods from mohanrs100

Sold goods to Mohan rs900


Dr                                                           purchases A/C                                                                             Cr

DATE PARTICULARS JF Amount Date particulars Amount
TO Mohan 100 By c/d 100
To b/d 100

Mohan A/C

Date Particulars jf Amount DATE PARTICULARS   Amount
  To sales   900   BY PURCHASES   100
          By c/d   800
      900       900
  To b/d   800        

                                                                      Sales A/C

Date Particulars JF Amount DATE PARTICULARS JF Amount
  To c/d   900   By Mohan   900
      900       900
          BY B/d   900

See trial balance for ledger

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