Trial Balance

          A Trial balance is a statement showing the balances or total of debits and credits of all the accounts with a view to verify the arithmetical accuracy of the posting in to the ledger.    

This  is  based on double entry. Therefore the equality of Debits and credits posted in ledger should be verified at the end of each accounting period. IF the debit and credit sides of trial balance are equal then it indicates that the books are arithmetically accurate and both the aspects of each transaction are recorded.  Trial balance can be calculated by total method or balancing fig.

Q. Prepare the trial balance without ledger

Purchased goods from Mohan rs1000

Sold goods to Mohan rs1000


Particulars lf Dr amount Cr amount
Purchases   1000  
sales     1000
TOTALS   1000 1000


Note: Mohan A/C has no balance sheet figure.

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